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Water Damage Restoration Huntersville NC

Do you need water damage restoration in Huntersville, North Caroline? Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning can help! We specialize in commercial and residential water removal, mold and mildew treatment and prevention, and water damage repair.  

What Is Water Restoration Huntersville NC?

When your home or business experiences water damage, water restoration is necessary to repair the damage. Damage may result from a flood, heavy rains, or malfunction of a toilet, shower, bathtub, dishwasher or clothes washer or their connections. Water must be removed from your home right away in order to avoid potential health issues that result from mold, mildew, and bacteria and prevent further physical damage as well. Water restoration often includes water removal as well as water damage repair. If you are looking for a professional water damage restoration service in Huntersville, NC, Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning can take care of all of your needs. 

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water mitigation prevents further water damage and should be the first course of action after water damage has occurred. Typically, professional-grade equipment is used to remove excess water and dry the affected area. Furnishings and anything else should be removed from the area. Anything that is salvageable should be cleaned and disinfected to avoid mold and mildew. 

How Much Does Water Restoration Cost In Huntersville, NC?

Because the cost of water damage restorable has so many variables, we recommend that you contact us at 704.790.9025 for a free estimate. We come out as quickly as possible to assess the damage and provide a quote.

Who Offers Water Damage Restoration in Huntersville, NC?

If you require water restoration in Huntersville, Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning can serve you. We provide water mitigation and water restoration repair services in Huntersville and the Charlotte area. 

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take In Huntersville, NC?

We can give you a good idea of how long your water restoration project will take when we provide your free estimate. To thoroughly dry out a single room with flooding can take 72 hours or more. An average timeframe for water damage restoration is one to two weeks. 

What Do Water Restoration Companies Do?

Water restoration businesses provide services related to flooding and water damage. These services include water removal and drying, mold and mildew treatment and prevention, furnishing and wall repair, and more

What Is A Water Restoration Technician?

A water restoration technician removes excess water, provides drying services, eliminates and prevents mold and mildew, and provides water damage restoration repair to the affected areas of your home or business. 

What To Do When I Have Water Damage in Hunterville, NC

Call Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning! We can take care of everything so you can go about your life! We will provide you with a free estimate, dry the affected area, treat and prevent mold and mildew, and perform water damage repair. We offer extremely competitive rates.

Water Restoration Companies Near Me

If you are looking for water restoration businesses near you and are in the Huntersville or Charlotte area, Mr Clean Carpet Cleaning can provide you with the best water restoration services in the area.

How To Find Water Mitigation/Water Removal Huntersville, NC

Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning is a company with great reviews and experience in water mitigation and drying. We perform water removal, mold and mildew treatment and prevention, and water damage restoration services in Mooreville, NC and throughout the Charlotte area.


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Mr Clean Carpet Cleaners provides water damage restoration services in Huntersville and the surrounding area.

We do offer free estimates for water removal and water damage restoration as well as carpet cleaning.

We have outstanding customer reviews. Check out our reviews on Google and our testimonials on our website. 

Mr. Clean Carpet Cleaning is a trusted company for water removal and water drying in and around Charlotte. 

Our professional water restoration technicians will restore your home or business to its former beauty. 

Even before we begin a water damage repair, we check for mold, fungal, and mildew problems. We offer cleaning, treatment, and prevention.  

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