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Interiors are given special attention in some homes and offices. Those who are enthusiasts of interior designing select their furniture and other furnishings quite carefully. One of the beloved furnishings is carpets and rugs.

A few will go out of their way to bring their interiors to life and make it look perfect. This often includes buying oriental and specialty rugs. These are expensive and are manufactured with specific thread counts, fabrics, and techniques. This is what makes them quite unique and highly appreciated around the world.

Of course, no matter how expensive or special your rug is, it is still prone to dust and grime over time. Of course, many people become apprehensive about cleaning oriental and specialty rugs despite finding it necessary, the reason is that if not cleaned with carefulness, there can be irreversible damage. And that is a shame when you have spent so much time finding the perfect rug and spent significant money on it.


Professional cleaning services for oriental and specialty rugs is one your best options. They not only use the right products but appropriate methods for the cleaning. These ensure that deep cleaning can be performed without damaging the fabric and dyes of the specialty rug. Moreover, professionals have the skill and expertise to handle any length and width without hassle.


Mr. Clean Carpet Clean provides quality oriental rug cleaning Pineville NC and rug cleaning Mooresville NC. We have a team of professional experts who can handle any kind of specialty or area rug and deliver it back to you in the freshest and cleanest condition without an inch of damage.


With Mr. Clean carpet cleaning services, you can be assured of having your beloved rugs in the best hands. We not only pay special attention to maintaining the condition of the specialty rug but it is our job to offer quality cleaning from corner to corner.

Here are the reasons why Mr. Clean is your best option when trying to get your oriental rugs clean and fresh:


When we deliver back your oriental rug after cleaning, you will notice it is cleaned with the same level of quality on each part. No corner is left unclean or moist. Without any damage done, you can instantly lay down the rug back at its position and enjoy a clean and fresh living space.


We have special experts for specialty rugs. Depending on the varying types of oriental rugs, we use differ ng methods to ensure both deep cleaning and no damage.

Natural Cleaning Products

Using natural cleaning products, we are providing a friendly service to clients who are allergic to chemical fumes and odors. The cleaning process also removes allergens from the specialty rugs. Organic products are also feasible for preventing damage. If you are looking for an area oriental rug cleaning Charlotte, oriental rug cleaning Pineville NC or rug cleaning Mooresville NC, then give us a call today!


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