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Fast Cleaning Techniques for Your Oriental Rugs Just Before A House Party

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Irrespective of what it might be that you acknowledge most about your oriental rugs, one thing is very certain: your heart skips a beat every time you’ve to walk on them daily. Not to say the heart-breaking feeling at the mere sight of dirt or juice stains! You have most probably invested a great deal of money & love into your beloved carpet, and you’d hate to see them get destroyed under your own eyes. Even though cleaning and maintenance can help these carpets to last long but there’re times when the inevitable occurs. Kids spill things, pets have accidents, and guests walk in with dirt on their shoes. And when you’re getting prepared to throw a house party and your carpets look like they have seen better days, it is time for a prompt solution.

Listed below are a few fast cleaning techniques for your oriental rugs:

  • If you don’t have any dodged stains to worry about, a quick vacuuming can get the job done before the event. Ensure you don’t break the fringes during high-power vacuuming.
  • If you’ve to deal with a few ugly stains, such as tar or gum, try to make use of dry cleaning fluid. Only apply to small areas, but ensure to read the cleaning guidelines mentioned on the back of your rug first. 
  • Hand washing your Persian rugs means completely soaking them into the water, getting them wet, and shampooing both sides. Moreover, you need to give special attention & care to the fringes, otherwise, they’ll become grey. However, except you’re a pro carpet cleaner who knows what they are doing, you’ll risk seeing the dye bleed, or prompt other damage to your carpet.
  • Also, if you own a silk oriental rug, hand washing isn’t advocated. Old carpets that have lost their original gloss should be given steam cleaning. Except you have a carpet steamer in your home, possibilities are you won’t be able to attain much.
  • Plus, if you’re performing some last-minute cleaning around your home, the possibilities are you don’t really have time to wait for your carpets to dry. So, contacting a professional services provider that offer reliable Oriental rug cleaning in Charlotte NC is the smartest option.

Contact Mr. Clean Carpet Clean and let our expert carpet cleaners make your Oriental carpets look brand new once again in no time. We can quickly appraise the condition of your carpets and put the most suitable cleaning methods into practice without the risk of causing any damages. Contact us now for prompt Area or Oriental rug  Cleaning Charlotte NC.

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